Jan 19, 2011

Sneak Preview - My PreWedding Shots

First Stop.
Sekeping Tenggiri.

(Read my blog post on Sekeping Tenggiri guesthouse in Bangsar @

Raw, unedited pre-wedding photos by Edmund Tham

We stayed at Sekeping Tenggiri for a night, a day before our much-awaited moment - the pre-wedding photography session.
I could barely sleep that night, tossing and turning in bed; my mind was just simply restless.

Or should I say, nervous! And, that's not good at all.

We woke up at 6 the next morning (me with puffy eyes) and I cleansed my face without applying moisturiser after; toner is sufficient at this stage.

Or the cosmetics won't work well on the skin.

One word of advice: Don't make last-minute appointment with your beautician.

My make-up artist (MUA), Chew Yen, arrived around one hour later.

Edmund Tham (a World's Top 9 WPJA Wedding Photographer in 2008) and team arrived a short while after.

After 2 hours of hair-pulling and hair-twisting drama, I was all set and ready for pre-wedding shooting at around 9am, with my make-up on and hairdo all ready.

We started shooting from 9 and ended at 1pm. I wore the heavier wedding gown at Sekeping Tenggiri and also the evening gown before we hit the dusty road.

We left Sekeping Tenggiri and headed to the next location - Rawang.


Second Stop.

Taken and edited by Edmund Tham

Unedited photos taken by Edmund Tham

Our first stop was at this aged Caltex station somewhere in Rawang which had just recently changed its signboard.

Had it (the signboard) been the old one, the effect would've been way cooler.

Still, the outcome of the shot (plus editing) is phenomenal.

The visit was like travelling back in time, to the 1980s; even the air smelled 'old' and the ground was dusty and sandy.

Before I got down from the car, I applied a generous amount of sunblock on my skin and thought that'd do it.

However, the MUA told me that sunblock usually takes 15-20 minutes to take effect. *Oh, Great!*

I did get sunburned, but not severe in my case. *Thank Goodness.*

We got ourselves a handful of spectators (called fans) at the station too, not bad.


Final Stop.

Pre-wedding photo taken and edited by Edmund Tham

Raw file by Edmund Tham; standing among the giant machines on the site

After a few stops in Kuala Kubu Bharu, this is the second final stop, in Kerling.

Sitting on the soil of this site are mammoth-sized tractor and other machineries which names are not known to me.

I had tough time walking on the soil as the ground was soft and there was mud all over.

I guess wearing a pair of Nike running shoes here would make life a lot easier, but I only brought a pair of Crocs and the rest, heels.

Unedited pre-wedding shots by Edmund Tham - near the site in Kerling

When we reached here, the sun was sinking as evening approaching; the clouds were thick behind us, so the scenery blend in very well with the setting at the site.

Word of advice: Be sure to ask permission before entering any sites or you might get into trouble!

            Taken at the road side, on the way to Kuala Kubu Bharu               

Despite it being a wet season, it didn't rain at all that day!

Good force was with us that day. :)

Thank you so much to Edmund Tham & his team for making our day so wonderful and stress-free!

On Gowns

Note that all my gowns are from La Runa, SS2.

The rental of the gowns ranges from RM500 to more than RM1, 500, depending on the quantity of gowns you rent and the fabric as well as the designs.

All gowns are very, very well-kept and definitely value for money!

Check out La Runa's collection @ http://laruna.com.my/ OR

call 03-78778881 for an appointment

On the Road Trip

Try to minimise the things you bring along on the day of your photography outing, else you might end up losing one or two items.

Leave your watch at home, you don't have to wear it.

Remember your sunglasses, sunblock cream and a comfy pair of shoes.


  1. I like all these pictures......somewhat different from other kind of photography

    Well, at least we did not make the wrong choice.....hhehehe

  2. I always make the right choices, don't u agree? Haha. I love the photos, almost all of them, unedited. The edited ones are purely awesome. :)

  3. Hehe, thx Ean! U shud also say, "wow, pretty bride-to-be! Haha

  4. They're all very creatively taken! I quite like some of the shots. As in, the setting of the scene. Can't wait for the final art piece ;)

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment. You'll see the whole album on my wedding dinner, if you're attending. ;)

  6. Love this blog, keep up the great work wish you all the best

    Makeup artist sydney

  7. Thanks! I'll try to update my blog as often as possible. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog. :D

  8. how much is d fees for photo shooting at sekeping tenggiri. tq

  9. You have to stay there for at least a night there and an extra fee of rm100 solely for photo shoot. You can go to their website to have a look. We stayed t their glass house for over rm300/night.

  10. For Pre-wedding photoshoot, it cost more than 7kRM, including makeup, video and photoshoot.


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